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Traffic Records Committee (TRC)

Welcome to the Traffic Records Committee of Washington State

The Washington Traffic Records Committee (TRC) is a statewide stakeholder forum created to facilitate the planning, coordination and implementation of projects to improve the state’s traffic records system. The TRC is a partnership of state and local interests from the transportation, law enforcement, criminal justice, and health professions. This traffic records coalition fosters understanding among stakeholders and provides an appropriate venue to formulate mutually beneficial projects for improving the accessibility, timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of statewide traffic-related information.

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The eTRIP initiative is a collaborative effort among state and local agencies to create a seamless and integrated system through which traffic-related information can travel from its point of origin to its end use and analysis. The heart of this undertaking is to eliminate the excessive inefficiencies characteristic of our state’s current paper-based process of collecting and exchanging core business information. The eTRIP initiative is comprised of many projects, including:

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